Client Success Story – Oriti Patents


Oriti Patents (Switzerland) turned to us for a solution to their contract management challenges, because we offer custom B2B integrations without minimum monthly usage or subscription fees. We worked closely with Oriti Patents to understand their specific requirements and developed a custom solution that enabled them to create, manage, and sign POAs (Power of Attorneys) in a fast, safe, and legal way, irrespective of where the parties were located.

Power of Attorney B2B Solution

We turned the time-consuming contract workflow into an automated email-based workflow with no app download or user accounts needed. Our hosted contract workflow service allowed Oriti Patents to create Power of Attorneys with a few clicks.

The solution provided by was so effective that Oriti Patents referred to it as “The future is here now”. The managed solution allowed them to “e-create, e-manage, e-sign, and e-archive all their contracts and agreements in an easy, fast, and safe way”, which saved the firm time and money when handling documents that required signatures from parties worldwide. Oriti Patents also appreciated that the webtool provided “a fast and legal way to comply with national law rules, regardless of where the parties were based in the world”.

Thanks to the solution provided by, Oriti Patents was able to streamline their POA management processes and significantly reduce the time and resources required for these activities. The solution also gave them the ability to create POAs and collect signatures from parties worldwide, making it a vital tool for their future workflow.

“The future is here now.”

“E-create, e-management, e-sign and e-archive all your Contracts and Agreements in an easy, fast and safe way.”

“It doesn’t matter where the Parties are based in the World this easy and safe web tool provides a fast and legal way to comply with your national law rules.”

Franco Oriti, Oriti

Trademarks, Patents, Designs and all other related IP activities in Switzerland.

Oriti Patents, based in Lugano (CH), in the heart of Europe, may assist you in protecting your ideas, inventions, marks and brands and industrial designs in Switzerland, which is a country with more than eight million inhabitants and at the forefront of innovation and wellbeing.

Oriti Patents delivers IP services in Switzerland starting from preliminary searches through filing of patents, trademarks and designs until their grant, maintenance and renewals of IP, validation of European patents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, change of names and addresses, etc.

The future is here now

In conclusion,’s hosted and managed B2B integrations offer comprehensive solutions for contract workflow needs. The custom B2B integration of POA automation helped Oriti Patents manage their legal documents in a fast, safe, and legal way. The B2B solution enabled them to e-create, e-management, e-sign, and e-archive all their contracts and agreements, including POAs, in an easy, fast, and safe way, regardless of the location of the parties involved, supporting over 30 different digital signature methods.

We are looking forward helping Oriti Patents with more contracting workflows in the future.

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