Crafting Universal Contracts: A Legal Intern’s Tale at

Crafting Universal Contracts: A Legal Intern’s Tale at


Created with SDXL v1.0 Hi Reader, my name is Caroline Smith, and I worked with as a legal intern for the summer. I am sharing my experience because, as an American, I had no concept of data privacy or digital identity. It took a lot of initial research for me to even understand the GDPR, let […]

Accelerating Digital Transformation: The Importance of Mindset


Created with SDXL Beta Moving to a new country can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a challenge, particularly when it comes to adapting to the local culture and way of life. One area, that can be especially frustrating, is the availability and efficiency of public sector digital services. As someone who moved […]

Everybody Deserves a Digital Identity


Source: iStock According to an analysis by a US-based identity management provider, the average internet user has around 90 online accounts. Add to that the various kinds of physical identities like state-issued ID cards, supermarket loyalty cards, and library cards and we can probably round this up to a neat 100 identities. The problem with this situation […]