Contract Automation Turnkey Solution

Automate your contract workflow: Data collection, review process and digital signing all happens on our web app and via email.

Pay a one-time setup fee to get your contract workflow automated. Then you only pay for the contracts that gets signed.

We support over 30 different signature methods, covering all countries in the world, using eIDAS compliance as our standard.

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Client Testimonials

“ECOM was looking for a digital service to sign and manage contracts with our sub-contractors based both in and outside the European Union. We have been using for almost four months now. Our subcontractors from around the world can easily sign the contracts with digital signature using a verification method available in a country they are based.”
“The future is here now. E-create and e-sign all your Contracts and Agreements in an easy, fast and safe way. It doesn’t matter where the Parties are based in the World this easy and safe web tool provides a fast and legal way to comply with your national law rules.”
“ is probably the best way to sign the document as an e-resident (of Estonia). Writing a document is one thing but also signing the document is another thing. Using e-Residency Card with SmartID will save you time because it will let you sign it anywhere you are at that time. process is very smooth and reliable as well as the quality of the documents.”
Gi Hyun Nam, Developer

contract lifecycle management

Contract Lifecycle Management tools are essential for businesses to effectively manage the entire contract lifecycle. These tools streamline the contract life cycle from initiation to execution and beyond. With features such as document creation, negotiation, approval workflows, and compliance monitoring, CLM tools ensure efficient contract management. Docusign Contract Lifecycle Management is one such solution that offers advanced functionalities like electronic signatures and automated contract renewal notifications. By utilizing CLM tools, organizations can seamlessly manage contract lifecycles, improve collaboration, mitigate risks, and optimize contract performance. With the ability to track, analyze, and optimize contracts, CLM tools empower businesses to drive operational efficiency and achieve greater contract management success.