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Everybody Deserves a Digital Identity

The average person using the internet has around 90 online accounts and several additional identity cards from their government, local library and employer. The problem with this situation is not necessarily the diversity of accounts or identities, but rather the low levels of security and assurance.
The team of in London: Martin, Christoph & Dominik (left to right)

Share Capital Raise and Full-Time CTO

We have been bootstrapping for 2 years, which allowed us to do deep market research and find our niche, long before founding the company. We have now raised our share capital with our first angel investment and on-boarded our CTO full time.
London Tech Week22 World Record Company Incorporation

The world’s fastest company – officially!

It's the 13th of June 2022: In the early hours of London Tech Week we have taken the main stage and incorporated our company. What goes down in history as the fastest formation of a legal entity is just the beginning. We are dedicated to keep the pace for all our next steps!

Featured on London Tech Week, BBC World News, and more…